In the once innocent world of Etérna, a man with no memories of the past is taught the art of basket-weaving while he starts searching for his lost identity. In his journey, he meets Katerina, a captive earth girl, the last possessor of the lost flute Irkána, an item whose music brought harmony to his world for six thousand years. A bond forms between them but duty drives them to different directions.




Suffering, whether in the world around us or personal, can very often lead to the death of dreams and hopelessness. We feel fragile like something drifting in the storm and life becomes a prison from where there seems to be no way out. New hope comes when we set our eyes on a higher vision and turn our attention to the One Who holds the world’s foundation.  Even though we might still identify with the loveless and the lonely, our new hope gives us the strength to embrace what we have and go on.

This is an eighty-page book containing poems and short stories written in English. You can order it from Amazon in printed form.   



A novel of two parallel narratives Purple Wounds recounts the stories of a recently widowed author and his character, a retired missionary lady, who narrates her own story of abuse in the mission field when still a young woman. The book follows the healing process, both of the author and his character.

When widowed author Ray Gallagher decides to leave behind the juvenile fiction he’s been writing in order to write the stories of the older generation, he comes across the story of a retired missionary lady, her abuse as a young woman in the mission field and the love she left behind.

The novel follows the changes in the author’s life, along with that of his heroine, Jane Norwood, as she’s reminiscing the past and the way it has affected her personal identity.